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White Papers

"Renew Respect for the Head" By Brian Quinn

Reinstating the Prudential Authority of the Bank of England is a step in the right direction of putting it back on its pedestal

This article was originally published in Financial World magazine, September 2012 edition


"Does your boardroom have a blindspot?" by the Bvalco team


“The value of Board evaluation” by James Bagge


"Boards and Risk" by James Paterson and Mannie Sher


Bvalco's response to the EU Green Paper on Corporate governance in financial institutions and remuneration policies, Brussels, 2.6.2010 COM(2010) 284 final


The Bvalco 'Food for thought Forum'

1 Succession Planning

2 Effective Challenge in the Boardroom

3 Remuneration Committees

4 The Board and Strategy

5 Obstacles to Board Effectiveness

6 Obstacles to Women on Boards

7 The Unitary Board

8 Building Investor Confidence: Bridging the Gap Between Owner and Manager


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A Boardroom Conversation with Sir Howard Davies

Howard Davies is Chair of the British Government's Airport Policy Review and of Phoenix insurance group. He also is a Professor of Practice at the French School of Political Science in Paris (Sciences Po).




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