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Is your Board up to the challenge?

The Bvalco review process is targeted at the three main Board functions: Board decision making, Board oversight and Boardroom process. We are not management consultants.  We look at how the Board functions rather than second guess its decisions. 

Our method involves specialists from multiple disciplines and it is unique and fluid.  Our approach has designed in consultation with Chairmen, CEOs and NEDs of FTSE 250 companies, and experts from behavioural science, corporate governance specialists and risk practitioners.

The output of our review process  enables our clients to have the most challenging conversation that they have ever had about the Board’s performance and its contribution to the business. 

Because every Board is different, each Board review is bespoke designed to accommodate the specific requirements of the Board in the context of the business over which it presides.

We have high ethical standards and work with rigor.

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Howard Davies is Chair of the British Government's Airport Policy Review and of Phoenix insurance group. He also is a Professor of Practice at the French School of Political Science in Paris (Sciences Po).




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