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Board effectiveness

Boards cannot be static. They must continuously evolve to meet the complex demands of the businesses over which they preside. A regular review of the Board’s impact is critical to maintain momentum with and perspective on the direction and effectiveness of how the Board is functioning and adding value.

Board effectiveness is as much a consequence of Boardroom dynamics as it is of organisation, structure and the composition of the Board. How the Board defines its role, how Board Directors take up their roles and whether they align their power and authority appropriately, has a direct and measurable impact on the quality of Boards’ workload and output.

The extent to which channels of communication and relationships encourage independent thinking, enable constructive challenge and facilitate effective interaction directly impacts the quality of Board, committee and executive decision making. Relationships and interactions between Board members, Committees and the Executive are the life blood of the Board.

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A Boardroom Conversation with Sir Howard Davies

Howard Davies is Chair of the British Government's Airport Policy Review and of Phoenix insurance group. He also is a Professor of Practice at the French School of Political Science in Paris (Sciences Po).




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